TX Huaihai | Tabor Robak: DreamAmp

Coinciding with Tabor Robak’s first solo exhibition in Asia at Edward Ressle Gallery, the artist will debut his latest immersive installation at TX Huaihai Youth Energy Center in Shanghai. Titled DreamAmp, this newly commissioned artwork presents a hallucinatory sequence of events that relocates visitors to an imaginary clinic where dreams can be curated according to the wishes of the consumer, the health of the mind resumed. But if dreams have long been understood as the manifestations of hidden desires, what potential for self-reflection and self-illumination is lost when they become the subject of commodification? Such probing questions lie at the heart of Robak's uncanny, sci-fi-inspired glimpse into a world where the mysteries of the unconscious mind, its chimeras, and fantasies, can be tamed with the ease and convenience of on-demand consumption.

DreamAmis tailor-made to the culture of visionary experimentation and collaboration for Royal Philips' upcoming 130th years anniversary in 2021. Bringing together leading lights in fashion, design, and art, TX Huaihai is a cultural hub that provides unique experiences for all of its visitors, greeting them with impactful and cutting-edge aesthetics that stimulate, inspire, and most importantly, empower. As digital interaction takes on ever-greater importance in our lives, DreamAmp allows viewers to explore the playful possibilities of digital aesthetics while providing grounds for building a powerful sense of community.

契合美国多媒体艺术家塔博尔·罗巴克(Tabor Robak)在 Edward Ressle 画廊举办的亚洲首次个展余音绕梁之际,塔博尔即将在上海的 TX 淮海呈现由荷兰皇家飞利浦公司委托创作的全新沉浸式展览。DreamAmp (《梦境倍增场》)由一系列的臆想情节与梦境串联而成,将观众带入了一个塔博尔构建出来的科幻诊所之中,在那里,观众可以根据自己的喜好来选择想要体验的梦境,从新获得健康且令人心怡的精神世界。但是长久以来,梦的出现都被人们看作为宣泄潜意识欲望的方式,当承载自我反省与自我启迪的梦境本身也可以被当成货品定制时,人类又因此丧失了哪些珍贵的未知潜能? 如此探索性的问题是塔博尔展览的核心概念,艺术家用异乎寻常且科幻的视角去研究一个超脱于日常的空间,在那个世界里面神秘的潜意识和与之伴随的幻想是可以被如此轻易的驯服,如同任意挑选的商品。

《梦境倍增场》是飞利浦为在2021年迎来品牌诞生130周年,庆祝创新与年轻力所量身定制的一次视觉实践与合作。衔接时尚、设计与艺术,TX 淮海作为独一无二的文化聚集地,通过提供附有震撼力的前锋美学体验启发与影响着前来的观众。与虚拟的交互在人们的日常生活中占据了所未有的重要性,《梦境倍增场》让参观者在玩味的探索数码美学不同可能性的同时,体会到人类作为统一种族的强烈意识。


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    TX Huaihai

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  • 28.12.2020 - 31.01.2021